Buy a luxury villa in Halkidiki to live or invest

How to decide if a tourist attraction is good to live or invest? How to choose the perfect village in Halkidiki for a luxury property? This decision is marked by factors such as the potential of the village, its facilities, will you stay for winter holidays and especially, if we fall in love some time in that village that we never want to move to another place.

In the world of real estate, in more than one occasion is only the comfort of the property the determinant factor, but its luxury and amenities are prioritized. Susan Jameson t understand the importance of the sum of all factors, and it is important to understand that not only is important a luxury villa with first qualities, but also the situation and everything that surrounds it. Realize what really the buyer needs so he/she makes the best decision.

A privileged location

A luxury property for Susan Jemeson is one that is in a privileged environment in one of Halkidiki villages. Our properties are located all around Kassandra & Sithonia, where you can find amazing beaches (even private), Aegean View, Mountain View with mountain activities, Private Pools and much more.